Our vision is to create a cutting edge office building featuring the top artists of the day. With a continually changing display of artwork, the WYNWOOD BUILDING is the future of every growing creative community.

Jean-Francois Rauzier:
Jean-Francois Rauzier stitches together a plethora of images to create his signature "Hyperphotos," and in turn weaves his vision into a story through the use of technology and imagination. Simultaneously surreal and hyper-real, Rauzier's work embodies Lacan's ideal of "Super-real." Influenced by everything he sees, Rauzier creates dream worlds and reflections on reality through an unusual profusion of detail.

Ara Peterson:
Ara Peterson attended the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a degree in Film/Video/Animation. Peterson was also one of the founding members of the seminal collective Forcefield. Peterson's video based work acts as the source material to generate his abstract sculpture. Exploring cross sections of compressed material and what becomes when an object is sliced into parts, Peterson's work pulsates with a confounding and shocking tension.